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A 25 year Veteran Hollywood Screenwriter will personally help you FIX your Screenplay.

For a modest fee, a working screenwriter who has successfully sold 21 Original Screenplays will:






What makes this site so unique?

Because unlike almost every other site out there, this site will enable you to collaborate with a WORKING SCREENWRITER. And not just your normal screenwriter. In my 30 year Hollywood career I have worked my way up from a Producer's location rep at Warner Brothers, to a line producer at Warners, a producer at Fox, a writer at Tri Star and countless other studios and finally to a director at Sony and Warner's.

My name is Kevin Elders and I have written for Oliver Stone, Joel Silver, Sean Connery, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Peter Guber, Ted Field, Jeff Sagansky, Andy Vanja, Mario Kassar, Clint Culpepper and Al Ruddy - at Hollywood studios including Paramount, Warner Brothers, Fox, Sony and Disney. I have personally worked in almost every capacity on a Hollywood feature film. I know the production side from budgeting, scheduling, location scouting, casting, prepping, producing, editing, dubbing to collaborating on a release strategy. I know the development and creative side from concept, pitching, negotiating a development deal, negotiating a writing, producing or directing deal, writing the screenplay and finally directing the screenplay. You can see all the films I've worked on in various capacities in the posters above.

My background is very unique because unlike others out there who advertise their ability to "fix your screenplay" almost 99% of them have never SOLD a single Screenplay. The great majority of them have never even sold a pitch, much less ever MADE and certainly never DIRECTED a movie. In short, these people advertise themselves as fully competent collaborators who can help you rework and sell your script but they can't sell one of their own.

Not that I begrudge these people making a living, it's just that early on in my 6th grade geometry class I learned that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. So if I was starting out as a writer and I'd just spent months, if not years, on my first screenplay and it wasn't working, I'd want help from someone who has actually gotten paid some substantial six-figure sums to fix screenplays or someone who's sold a substantial percentage of their own originals. In short, I'd want help from a COLLABORATOR who successfully writes for a living rather than someone who 'teaches' or 'consults'.


Why do I do this?

First, I thoroughly enjoy it, it keeps me sharp. Screenwriting is pure, raw creativity and the more you do it the better you get at it. Second, in Hollywood, I can't tell you how many hours I've spent preparing to 'audition' for a rewrite job in front of execs who have no intention of hiring you but simply want to pick your brain, squeezing every drop of creativity out of you, looking for the one or two ideas they can steal from you and hand to the writer they end up hiring. Unfortunately, this creative 'leeching' is totally legal in Hollywood and if you want the rewrite assignment, you have to endure the leeching. One morning I woke up and realized that I'd made a lot more money selling originals than I had doing rewrites (an extremely rare achievement) so I stopped chasing rewrites and focused on my originals. But I still miss the satisfying and creative exercise of fixing other material.

Which brings me to you:

In between my own writing I take on a few clients a month who need help with their screenplays. I'll read your work multiple times, break down your structure, suggest FIXES to your structure and GIVE YOU CHARACTER and STORY IDEAS that can make your script come alive. More often than not, these ideas will take your script to a whole new level. And these ideas are YOURS TO KEEP, even if your movie gets made and you end up making millions off these suggestions. "Well, wouldn't I get creative suggestions from other consultants?," you might ask. Sure you would. But would these suggestions be worth very much? Doubtful.

But there's a simple way to find out: The IMDB (Internet Movie Database). Go to the IMDB and look up your consultant's name. Then look at their credits. If they have any. Because most of the time, THEY DON'T. It's scary really. These brilliant men and women who teach screenwriting and consult, people who've written incredible books, people whose seminars I've attended, all these hard working folks have hardly ever sold a screenplay much less ever gotten a movie made, and I reiterate, there's nothing wrong with this. These people are extremely valuable resources. But if I wanted my screenplay fixed, they are the last people I would call. Why? Because they're going to give me formulaic responses and suggestions that fit into their paradigms. And that would be fine, except it's not the straight line that will get me where I want to go.

If you'd like to know more, send an email at the link below and I'll explain the process and the price. The end result depends on you. I can give you a hundred fixes but you have to do the writing (I can't write a word for you, it's against WGA rules). You have to be willing to sit back down at the keyboard and keep at it until you get it perfect. But I will help and guide you. I will give you specific, concrete ideas and push you to do your absolute best. I will not straight-jacket you with formulas, but I WILL be brutally honest.

If you can't take criticism there are plenty of folks out there who will sell you their books and give you notes for $50 while stroking your neophyte ego telling you how much potential you have. But if you CAN take criticism and are willing to work hard, you just might realize your dreams your first time out. I did. The very first screenplay I ever wrote sold in three weeks and opened number one at the box office. But I had a great teacher at the time. A mentor who'd actually written and directed his own screenplays. I couldn't have done it without him. If you're willing, I can be that for you. Unlike other consultants out there, I do not hand off your material to inexperienced staffers. You work with me and only me.

For more information or to sign up for a consultation please contact me via email at:


And feel free to check out my condensed resume at the IMDB

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